Luigi Massoni Designer
To innovate

Kitchen expressions

The quality is hidden in the normality of everyday life, just look for it. The innovations introduced by Luigi Massoni seem to leave a legacy in the kitchen which has changed meaning and contents thanks to him.

Very first handle less kitchen model

No handles!

Frontrunner in the kitchen: it was the first to showcase wall and base units without handles and with a simple pressure opening. A revolution that has made Xila unique and timeless.


Same vertical and horizontal thicknesses as Antibes

Flexible shelves, available in different width and positioned at different height, both in veneered wood and matt lacquer.

The module as standard

Flexible and adaptable to any environment

Xila inherits the innovation introduced by the previous E15 of 1965. Emulating the building standards based on 15 cm and multiples, it sets fixed modularity for the kitchen units.



Modular kitchen system which is recognized among the masterpieces of Italian design. The kitchen has been manufactured since 1972 and it was the first kitchen available without handle, with a door opening on the base and wall units in shaped aluminium profile, thus allowing to easily fit the hand to open the door. The base units, with two or more drawers, can be fitted with a middle handle-rail or a push-opening, giving a minimalist design aspect. The tall units can be opened through vertical aluminium spacers on the sides. In 2012 and 2013 new materials for this kitchen are proposed: worktops and doors in frosted painted glass and aluminium for doors, which gives a more refined imagine to this product.



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