The partnership is based on the concept of creating a new collection of taps with a modern and elegant design, conceptually excellent with flawless production, and distributed through the commercial network of the two companies, cooperating and aiming at enlarge the market beyond their respective segments.


One of the world's leading manufacturers of sinks, taps and stainless steel worktops and high quality materials. Blanco produces for Boffi worktops and sinks in Durinox®. This is the latest innovation in stainless steel, with a special velvety-matt surface finish (produced exclusively for Boffi), very resistant to scratches and less impervious to fingerprints.

Corian® Solid Surface

Flexibility, solidity, performance, colour, shape. No limits for an out of the ordinary, totally customised project. In a single word unique, as every Boffi design. Corian® Solid Surface is synonymous with surfaces characterised by sensorial qualities, making it more than a just a material. Conceived to meet every design need, it allows us to offer a complete tailor- made design solution. For Round Fisher bathtub, Boffi uses Corian® Solid Surface in the Stratus colour, made with Resilience Technology™, a new patent pending manufacturing process, developed by the Corian® Design business of DuPont company

De Castelli

Faithful to its decision to reinstate the special role of metal in design and experimentation De Castelli infuses artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes leading to entirely original results. The encounter with design inspires an approach to materials founded upon respect for their potential be it hidden or obvious which emerges slowly in a collection of pieces that despite being part of a series remain unique. Unique not only for the hand that has created them but also for the singular cultural path that focuses on the aesthetic (and not just practical) value of the primordial material with which De Castelli shapes living spaces. Exclusively for Boffi| De Padova, Piero Lissoni focuses on DeErosion, the unique finishing designed by De Castelli thanks to a special technique of monitored erosion that creates nature-like textures, inspired to the passing of time. The handmade process leads to final results that can change in homogeneity and color, confirming the uniqueness of each piece.

Domenico Mori

Craftsmanship is an invaluable skill for a company that knows how to preserve its artisan origins. For our exclusive interiors projects we have partnered with Domenico Mori and use their surfaces in terracotta, clay, cement, stone and wood to create and form design ideas through different materials, colours and patterns. The final result is always unique thanks to the craftsmanship. Just the way we like it.


Inalco is all about innovation, exclusiveness, elegance and emotions. Its Mdi (Minerals, Design, innovation) surfaces represent a whole new breakthrough for the world of architecture and interior design. Using nature as its source of inspiration, Inalco creates sustainable products by selecting the best minerals and speeding up the natural lithogenetic cycle, thanks to an innovative production process. Instead of damaging the environment in search of the perfect design, Inalco simply creates them. Using a one-of-a-kind process, the same design can be applied to the surface and throughout the whole body of the slab, guaranteeing products with a high added value. MDi means not conforming. It means spearheading the search for new innovations, pushing back the boundaries, and facing up to new thrilling challenges–going one step beyond at all times.


Since its foundation in 1899, one of Miele’s strength is the family management: Markus Miele and Reinhard Zinkann are representing the fourth generation at the helm of the company, which still complies to its founding values and the strong passion that distinguishes it ever since. Miele has always offered high quality standards with its products that stand out for their long life, performance, comfort, energy efficiency and design. Thanks to constant research in terms of technology and the innovative spirit, Miele can offer a complete range of products, from traditional to steam cooking, from food preservation to dish washing. Smart solutions, which allow you to achieve perfect results, without any waste and consistent with environment-friendliness. Miele. Immer Besser.


nerosicilia is a lava stone extracted from the slopes of Etna. The high temperature generated by our special facilities transforms the surface of the slabs: a new natural material is created, improved in its technical features, exclusive and therefore particularly suitable to meet the requirements of modern everyday living. A new and convincing concept through the mixing of outstanding aesthetic and technical values, bound to the tradition, the love for nature and the own land… Sicily. Mosaicomicro is an eco-sustainable brand which anticipates new aesthetics, promotes new languages and prioritises the relationship between man and the environment. Recycled glass from discarded CRT monitors is transformed into precious mosaics. The material is now also available as a coating for doors and columns in a selection of Boffi kitchens.

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