Welcome to the home of Boffi!

Boffi Solferino, the Milanese flagship store of Boffi, has 1600 sq. m. split over three floors and is located at the corner between Via Solferino 11 and Largo Treves. The space now features a new entrance and dis-play area dedicated to the De Padova collections.

In store visitors are naturally drawn to experience the perfect combination between the designs and their aesthetical balance. The idea of living and its multiple interpretations are narrated throughout the space, yet a timeless vision is effortlessly conveyed.

Rooms flow into one another, creating a continuous narrative without a specific direction in uninterrupt-ed juxtapositions of materials, finishes and colours.
Boffi Solferino is a destination where one would like to be and get inspired by.

To discover the latest display and collections:
Boffi Solferino
via Solferino, 11
20121 Milano
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