Boffi Solferino

April 4-9 2017
We would like to thank our visitors to the Boffi Solferino showroom during the Salone del Mobile, reminding you about the new projects on display.
The 2017 Fair was a real success, with a particularly intense visitor flow in our Brera store: more than 31.000 people entered our showroom.

One year after the presentation of the Boffi_Code concept developed by Piero Lissoni, Boffi’s tailor made division presents new collaborations and solutions for both kitchen and bathroom.
For the Boffi_Code kitchen, COVE by Zaha Hadid Design which proposes a concept that is the natural evolution of a freestanding unit, equipped with areas for cooking, washing and a space for conviviality. It was originally conceived and produced for an important residential building in New York City.
“Ultimately architecture is all about the creation of pleasant and stimulating settings for all aspects of social life”.Z.Hadid (Pritzker Prize award speech, 2004).
In the Boffi_Code bathroom area, two washbasin projects are added, proposing unusual choices of materials, with alternatively sharp or rounded design. One by Piero Lissoni, a sculptural object where an essential structure covered with precious stones, is combined with a raw brass basin, creating a sleek monolithic object and a second one, by Victor Vasilev, a large semi-cylindrical basin in treated steel designed with a contrasting “raw” industrial aesthetic.
“This is first of all a stone collection that, with appropriate processes, are transformed into sculptural washbasins, simply using the most iconography among the figures: the rectangular plinth. Each washbasin communicates not only with the stone, but also with the basin revealed in a brass sheet. " P.Lissoni
“The project originates from Euclidean geometry and its application to the design of functional object for the everyday life.
I wanted to investigate the section of a simple cylinder to create a large basin that could also hide the technical parts.
The purity of the shape and the design details, such as the linear cut used for the water waste, enhance the material qualities of the steel chosen for the production.” V.Vasilev

The K collection never runs out of new sophisticated possibilities. On one hand K21 (design N. Wangen) maintains its unique features, on the other it expands its offering thanks to different wall solutions, new finishes and additions for the Upper nits panelling system, and wooden peninsulas. A brand new design evolution, all in the name of hospitality and custom-made functionality.
“The K21 model is distinguished by functionality and absolute harmony. A sculpture that works perfectly. K21 can be used in both domestic environments and public areas. It can also be completed with open shelves and closed, as an elegant and minimalist sculpture.” N. Wangen
A tall units programme, not a model to enhance the standard offer.
Sophisticated tall units(design CRS Boffi) with frame doors in aluminium and glass with integrated hinge system characterized minimal and sleek look.
Among kitchens is presented a small Made in Italy domestic vegetable garden, independent from seasons and weather. Tomato+ (design CRS Boffi + Tomato+) is the solution to have fresh vegetables, spices and herbs whenever you want and to enjoy flavours and scents of the Mediterranean cuisine in your own home.
The Antibes walk-in closet (design P. Lissoni + CRS Boffi) becomes a place of elegance and refinement.
Leathers or microfiber fabrics cover the surfaces to make the cabin even more sophisticated. Precious glasses close the structure, illuminating and protecting the interiors.

In the bathroom area there is Elementi (design E. Ossino), a set design for the bathroom where all the elements - mirrors, floor, sink and storage- help to achieve a minimal aesthetical balance between lines, thicknesses and volumes.
"The research on lightness led me to draw a line onto which geometric figures and solids stand." E. Ossino
Then the Solstice mirrors (design P. Lissoni) that emerge in continuity from the wall, as frame and support fade into each other and draw both perimeter and thickness. The collection is composed therefore by shaped reflections with regular and irregular forms. In group or alone, every piece meets both collective and individual taste.
"The word speaks. Picture of a universe of mirrors or a universe of stars, that are part of the mirrors. Punctuation are shaped reflections, with regular and irregular forms.
Solstice emerge in continuity from the wall, because the frame and support fade into each other, drawing simultaneously perimeter and thickness. "P. Lissoni

Boffi Solferino,
via Solferino 11
20121 Milano
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