Shower box with hinged crystal door. A special effect is created by the crystal door which rotates on a pivot remaining partially inside and outside the structural beam in satin stainless steel. “We imagined a steel strip that acts as support for the door and shower walls", describes the designer Monica Armani, "This tape enters and exits the crystal sheet, almost disappearing inside the glass”. The walls are made of 8 mm tempered glass, with anti-drop treatment, available in transparent glass, Extralight transparent glass, transparent smoky grey glass, frosted Extralight glass, frosted ribbed Extralight glass or Strip matè Extralight glass. The shower box can be in different versions and dimensions and used with Tape 18 rectangular shower trays in matt white Corian® or in concrete finish Ceramilux® (in white or black), to be installed flush with the floor. The model in Corian®, in addition to the fixed sizes, can also be customised. Design Monica Armani.



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