Piero Lissoni Designer
Space evolution

A sartorial approach for the study of spaces

The Boffi systems come from proven craftsmanship, engineering capability and the growing demand for aesthetic customisation.


Design perfection in every detail

The Antibes walk-in closet is highly customized: from thhe modular subdivision to the choice of shelves, drawers and trays. All this enhanced by the quality of both finishes and materials.


The corner solutions offer additional versatility for the composition

The preciousness of the glass enriches the corners at the end of the composition, giving more lightness inside and at the same time protecting the contents.

"Transparencies, new equipment, a new architectural scale, new doors, wood …”

Piero Lissoni

No secrets behind the door

The walk-in closet can also be defined with Shades doors system

Island drawer unit

The walk-in closet is much more than a simple room

The design of the Antibes walk in closet is completed by a island drawer unit, an architectural entity in both finish and modularity.

Antibes cabina


A project in continuous evolution, the walk-in closet is the ultimate living space of the house and requires flexible personalisation. For this reason, Boffi always designs solutions able to satisfy the most sophisticated needs. New functional modules with hightech supporting frames and hinged or sliding doors are now introduced and become part of the collection, alongside a wide range of covers for shelves, back panels and drawers available in both leathers and microfibers. Also, a new glass for shelves and cabinet panels offers smooth transparency to showcase the interiors with clothes, shoes, accessories etc.



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