Piero Lissoni Designer


Upper’s DNA composition consists of offering a variety of solutions to transform a wall into a system of integrated containers and shelves.

More than a boiserie


Available in modules and highly customisable, its design now features glass to highlight the geometries of its transparent profile, which is also emphasised by different points of lights.



Upper is designed to equip the kitchen walls or any other room in the house with a complete and elegant storage and shelving system. It consists of back panels, shelves and units open-faced or with glass doors, arranged for wall installation or laid on countertops. The shelves are available in two different depths (10 or 20 cm), while the units are all equipped with LED lighting. The top-mounted units, supplied with a specific basement in same finish as worktop, can be fitted with specific accessories: set of chopping boards, spice holders, knife holders, cutlery holders, coffee pods organiser. The system is completed by the dedicated extractor hood (in three dimensions). UPPER BOISERIE This is the wall-mounted boiserie panelling version of the Upper system. It consists of back panels installed on aluminium supporting structure, through brackets or magnets. The composition of the elements is highly customisable: the back panels are available in various finishes of matt lacquers, veneered wood, stone, marble, granite or fabric. The finished shelves are completed with vertical dividers; the wall units with hinged doors, are totally in extra-clear (extralight) transparent or transparent smoked grey glass.



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