Joe Colombo Designer
Bringing forward

Design on wheels

"I designed furniture pieces proportioned to the home not only in space, but also in terms of time, elastic, flexible, articulated and extendable".

Minikitchen on castor wheels

Movement to break free from walls

Conceived in the 60s in wood, Minikitchen is now available in Corian® or marine plywood for outdoor use, intuition to integrate kitchen in small spaces



All materials of this kitchen have been carefully selected and are highly eco-sustainable. It consists of a tubular metal structure made of modules which, once matched, create a fully functional composition. The structure offers: - two different heights: suspended or floor-mounted for under-mounted appliances; - doors with an aluminium frame and decorated with various materials: PaperStone®, wood, lacquers; - worktops in ceramic, decorated lava or Lasermat available in various colours; - overtop structure in tubular metal where ladles hangers, shelves, LED lights can be placed; - big stone sink (of exclusive design); - solid wood peninsula tables which can be either fixed, pull-out or slidable, for snack use. The project is enriched with a trench providing useful storage space for small accessories and with metal shelves with integrated LED lights. In 2015 wall units are added to the gutter-shaped element, then new materials for doors (metals, concrete, glass) and tall units with doors similar to base units and handle compatible with big electrical appliances too. The tall units are equipped with big open-faced elements, built-in ovens, suspended drawer units in finishing or melamine-coated, integrated LED bar lights. This product has been awarded the 2015 Wallpaper* Design Awards and 2015 EDIDA as Best Kitchen. In 2016 it has been awarded an honourable mention in the “Compasso D’oro ADI”.



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