Norbert Wangen Designer
Highly adaptable

design of a wish

"I think that the K series can meet both needs of functionality and aesthetics, both inspired by a way of living the house in a more informal way".

Custom-made on board

Functional set ups for an informal life on the high seas

It seems created to go on board and to adapt to the movement. K2 furnishes the flybridge for Sanlorenzo yachts, consolidating thirty years of collaboration with the Ameglia shipyard.

K2 Outdoor


A single stand-alone mono-block that contains all the necessary elements for both cooking and entertaining, it is a graceful and neat piece of contemporary furniture that unfolds to reveal a modern and high spec state-of-the-art cooking system. When closed the kitchen forms a complete block, but when the stainless steel top is silent slid to one side (to create a stylish linear table that can be a bar, or a serving or dining space) it reveals sophisticated cooking and preparation surfaces and a washing area concealed below. The cube contains hob and individually welded sinks with hand-made solid stainless steel taps. The rectangular structure encloses an oven (or ovens), refrigerator, dishwasher, cupboard and drawer space



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