Norbert Wangen Designer
Second generation

New models with new geometry

"The strength of the norbert wangen collection is the form and function that blend together and never contradict each other. In the showroom aesthetics is what is appreciated at first sight, while in the everyday life its functionality is what strikes most"

Aesthetic and functional flexibility

Kitchen cube concept

The secret of the “K” collection by Norbert Wangen is the ability to understand how to aesthetically tie in both flexibility and functionality in the ‘kitchen cube’.


Minimal and professional block

Open cooking area with a fixed stainless steel top and a sliding part in solid elm wood.


Reinvents movement

The worktop slides alongside the depth and not the kitchen length.


Double length

K6+6 doubles the length of K6 and offers two sliding tops

K5,K6,K6+6 - Kitchen behind the scenes design

Behind the scenes of K5,K6,K6+6 kitchen designed by Norbert Wangen

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K5 – K6 – K6+6


An ever developing concept. Its secret is to know how to combine aesthetic to functionality in the “kitchen cube”. A challenging goal, that the kitchens of the “K” series by Norbert Wangen reach with success. The first ever K2 reminds of a difficult milestone to reach, similar to creating a new monobloc with a sliding top able to conceal the working area when not in use and to turn into a snack bar. Today, the K5 kitchen features larger dimensions, has a visible hob and adopts the natural elm solid wood for the sliding top covering both washing and working area in contrast with the stainless steel. The K6 reinvents movement: the worktop slides along the backside, K6+6 doubles the length of K6 and offers two sliding tops.



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