The culture of design
The diffusion of the Boffi savoir-faire is partly possible thanks to the special attention that we reserve to lifelong learning. Each year more than 300 students and 200 architects participate to presentations organised at the Boffi Training Center. A dedicated space in Lentate sul Seveso where in-house professionals explains the production cycles, focusing on how products and special projects come to life by showing construction and performance details of each new piece from the three main collections: kitchens, bathrooms and storage systems. It is possible to see and touch everything, all this to get to know in detail how the Boffi quality is conceived.
The time of work
By visiting the 25000 square meters of the Boffi HQs, one can really understand and value the work behind everything. It's a factory, but also a workshop for wood, steel and special materials, as well as special finishes and both strength and durability tests. Here is where technology pervades and everything is hand-finished. Together with standardised elements, what really stands out is the ‘out of standard’ and it becomes clear how flexibility is ensured for every interior design project born here. Also the small metal components, the electrification, the fitting. A painstaking dedication, marked by an alternating rhythm between different departments, that imprinted in each finished product and spreaded into every living environment..

Boffi Headquarters interview

Come visit our Training Centre

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The soul of things
Among portions of kitchens, fitted kitchens, bathroom environments and individual pieces, fittings of doors and cabinet systems, the definition of feasible solutions becomes clear. But above all, one can become familiar with the details, all the available options and both the electronic and mechanical mechanisms. Ask questions, get answers and take inspiration for news projects with Boffi.
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