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Bathroom system

Essential lines, monomaterial appearance

The bathroom system is now enhanced with a choice of combinations of elements, materials, colours and finishes , yet retaining its distinctive opening with coplanar sliding doors, pull-out or hinged.


Bathroom system

The under-mounted handle rail, with its minimal lines, can be produced in all finishes available for the doors, maintaining a single-material look. Possibility to insert top-mounted and some under-mounted washbasins from the Boffi collection.

Free Zone


Wall hung, modular units with handle-less fronts and three different door opening methods: hinged, pull-out or coplanar sliding. The doors are gripped (and opened) through the specific handle-rail, mounted on the upper part of the cabinet. The aluminium handle-rail can be covered in the same finish as the top or the front to give a single-material look to the composition. Free Zone offers a wide range of composition possibilities, starting from the types of compatible washbasins with the square-edged top: top-mounted, built-in, under-mounted or moulded flush-mounted. A wall hung tall unit with door completes this bathroom collection. For the materials of tops, panels, fronts and doors, the choice ranges from all Boffi collections, from lacquers to woods, from stones to composites, from glass to metals. Among the latest novelties, it is possible to use the composite MDI and the solid wood finishes Freehand (characterized by irregular horizontal furrows and horizontal grain) and Shades (characterized by regular vertical furrows and vertical grain). Design C.R.S. Boffi.



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