Mikal Harrsen Designer
Geometric minimalism

The R.I.G. modules offer the perfect backdrop and enhance the use of materials

“I designed the R.I.G. Modules bathroom variations to bring elegance to the rituals of this space of relax and revitalisation through an aesthetic element” M. Harrsen

Ever-changing nature

Flexible structure

The modules frame the essential elements of the bathroom: tailor-made units and basin in wood or marble, mirrors, light bars and towel racks. Ideal for both wall and freestanding compositions.

New monoblock units

Additional possibilities

A wider selection of mirrors, available in rectangular and round versions, with or without integrated light.

RIG Bathroom


The acronym R.I.G. (Rudimentary Interior Geometry) defines a universal modular system for shelving and shelves based on a thin, linear structure made of AISI 304 solid stainless steel, in embossed black or brass painted. The R.I.G. system, developed in several versions that can furnish different spaces, has been designed by Mikal Harrsen, Danish industrial designer and founder of the MA/U Studio brand, which is part of the Boffi | De Padova group. In the version specifically designed for use in bathrooms, the elements of the metal structure - uprights, rods, stabilizers and supports - compose a sober and solid frame to support shelves, tops, fronts, panels and top-mounted washbasins, including some special models. The metal elements of R.I.G. are also developed as frames for mirrors (with or without integrated light), as for light bars and towel rails. The R.I.G. Bathroom system creates customised wall or island compositions thanks to the wide range of materials, colours and finishes available for tops and shelves, from lacquers to wood, from MDI composite to Corian®, from marble to stone and glass. The top-mounted washbasins can be chosen from the Boffi range or from the collection created specifically for this bathroom system - RD1 and R.I.G. models by Mikal Harrsen - available in various sizes and different materials (Corian®, stone, marble, MDI composite). Design Mikal Harrsen.



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