Piero Lissoni Designer


Equipped tall units with doors

It is a fully functioning kitchen, but it doesn's show it off

For small or large spaces. In your home or office. It is modular and customisable for all the basic functions of the kitchen. The doors hide it in the space.

Equipment possibilities

Hinged, side recessing or folding side recessing doors

The Hide programme is integrated with new open-faced units, which can be combined with Upper boiserie or illuminated back panels



The kitchen modules, with all electrical appliances and accessories, can be hidden by Hide tall unit system, consisting of single side structural panel and doors that can be hinged, side-recessing or folding side-recessing. The structure houses, stores and conceals, when doors are closed, the entire kitchen equipment and other service devices (laundry and ironing modules, etc.). The handles on doors are compulsory, to be placed in vertical position only. The Hide modular tall units (both bridge version or with bottom and feet version) can house the base units of Programma Standard, Aprile, APR60, Xila or specific internal cabinets. They can be equipped with storage, cooking, suction, washing and laundry modules, thus performing all the functions of the kitchen. The system has been recently integrated with open-faced units, corner modules with accessories, LED lightings or back illuminated panels. A service trolley can also be placed inside the walk-in modules with blanking panel.



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