Virginia / 2018






This residence, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, awarded the AIA Northern Virginia Design Award thanks to its constructive details, the close connection with the site, the material contrast between stone and glass, and the sense of lightness and, in a few words, its extraordinary beauty.

David Jameson Architect is the author: he enhances the modern international style and current architectural visions, matching today, as in the past, the aesthetic and the functionality.

The architect, based in Washington, has confirmed several times that the spatial logic controls the indoor and outdoor rooms, but is always specific to the conceptual idea of each project.

In the Wildcat Mountain Residence the concept was to conceive the living pavilion as the centre-piece and to create rooms only private. The stone walls in fact are designed as protective wings that act as orienteers to the place and its housing functions.
The perception is to live in an empty space, shaped largely by the site. The openings/lines carved in the walls of the rooms and designed in the furniture and boiserie systems frame the mountains. As the large central fireplace, which observes and connects the inside with the outside. In this project Jameson collaborated with the team of Boffi Georgetwon to design the kitchen. The monolithic countertop of the Xila kitchen, designed by Luigi Massoni, here proposed in Metals lead finish with the custom-made tall units in Light Canaletto walnut and Metals lead, is totally integrated in the living area.

The use of stone is thought to connect materials and to highlight the natural contrast between rock and trees, offering a total freedom.




Architecture / David Jameson

Photographers / Paul Warchol

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