The third entry of Boffi Solferino is for De Padova

There is a new entrance into the Boffi world, a third door to discover the distinctive atmospheres of De Padova and MA/U Studio. A brand new display space and its access from Largo Treves are therefore the latest addition to the historic Boff store in via Solferino , now representing the Group and its three different, yet perfectly integrated souls.

Here, the De Padova collections suggest a complete living solution and are styled in rooms with total white walls. In clear juxtaposition to the total black of the adjacent space dedicated to Boffi, each finish is therefore enhanced through different shapes, colours and an uncomplicated naturalness.

Armchairs, sofas, lights, cabinets and tables are individually standing out, yet part of a consistent combination of effortlessness, elegance, comfort and hospitality in a coherent and flexible precision.

Visitors experience each room like a sequence of still life pictures, where objects are able to interpret the many expressions of contemporary lifestyle and codes. A simple storyline based on balanced proportions between space and everyday life.

Through the door of Largo Treves, you enter into your own personal dream home.
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