Boffi catalogues: style and sustainability

The printed catalogues are a very important communication tool for Boffi, a vehicle of a sustainability model concerning materials, processes, activities and a network of highly specialized suppliers.

The new adopted US letter format is now used for all catalogues. The FSC® paper of the pages, such as the PEFC ™ wood and the packaging of Boffi products, comes from forests and controlled productions, or recycled and non-toxic material. Everything certifies the responsible management - even of the printing process of Econava brand, which ensures inks containing only vegetable oils - to minimise environmental impacts, waste included.

The refined graphic and photos characterise the new catalogues, result of a styling focused on domestic ritual and scenic design:

- The Boffi catalogue restyling starts from the covers that are now more elegant and sleek.
- Photo shoots have been re-designed in order to underline the environmental architecture where the pieces of Boffi, De Padova, Ma/u Studio and ADL collections are placed.
- The perfect integration of the brands demonstrates the absolute synergy of the group, from the development of different product categories, to the common and unique catalogues.
- The existing photos have been updated according to the light chosen to enhance the new settings.
- The detail pictures show the precise manufacture, the material preciousness, the finishes colours and the high-quality lacquering, suggesting functions and configurations.

Boffi / Kitchenology 2019
It includes Apr60, Aprile, Boffi_Code, Cove Kitchen, Duemilaotto, K2, K14, K21, On/Off St, Minikitchen, Salinas, Xila, K2 Outdoor, Minikitchen Outdoor kitchens.

Boffi / Kitchenology +
It features the Combine, K5, K6, K6+6 and AH01 kitchens.

Boffi / Waterproof 2019
It features the Boffi bathroom collections.

Boffi / Inner Outer 2019
It features the Boffi storage system collections. The new configurations of Antibes system are displayed in a separate section, on a special paper.
A technical appendix including drawings is at the end of the catalogue.

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