Onlife. Millenials at home

Research by Elle Decor Italia into the boundaries between analogic and digital, initially in the home with ‘Soft Home’ (2016), then in the world of retail, with ‘Elle Decor Concept Store’ (2017), today presents the new exhibitioninstallation ONLIFE Millennials at Home, 16 to 29 April at Palazzo Bovara in Milan, exploring the topic of the new generations’ relationship with living.

Along the exhibition path, developed on over 1,000 m², the Millenials’ living scenarios unfold: here you discover the inclinations of 20-25 year olds, the DigitalNatives, naturally nomad and physiologically digital, for whom the home is their personal laboratory for expression of individual passions and talents. And of the LifeSharers, 25-30 year olds, entering the world of work for the first time, and increasingly involved in co-housing and co-working situations.

The exhibition continues with discovery of 30-35 year olds, the FamilyFans, who stand out for their desire for a home and a family, where the kitchen is the place they socialise and transmit values. These young adults define their social identity as a continuum with their original family nucleus. The gradual shift from the idea of the world as their home, characteristic of digital natives, to realisation that their home is their own personal world comes with the generation of over 35s, the HomeCurators.
For this generation, the home is the mirror and privileged stage for all they are passionate about.

Products on display:

K2 kitchen (designed by Norbert Wangen)
De Padova
SHINE table (designed by Vico Magistretti), SILVER chair (designed by Vico Magistretti), SEN table (designed by Kensaku Oshiro), NOTA lamp (designed by Elisa Ossino), CIELO TERRA lamp (designed by Studiocharlie)
MA/U Studio
R.I.G. Modules (designed by Mikal Harrsen)

Elle Decor ONLIFE Millennials at Home
Un progetto di / A project by Elle Decor Italia
Photo courtesy (cover image): Stefano Pavesi
Photo courtesy (gallery): Chiara Goia

Palazzo Bovara
Corso Venezia, 51, Milano
Monday 16 April - Sunday 29 April 2018
H: 10:00 - 20:00
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