Lacquered finishes

Easy Metals

Easy Metals is a special finish intended to simulate the typical effect of metallic surfaces and is obtained by means of a specific sequence of manually performed actions during which accumulations of random metallic particles are created. However, they are not to be considered defects. These processes lend a sense of materiality and depth to the touch.

Silver style
Iron luxury
Lead class
Copper dark
Zinc glam


Lost Woods

The ALPI wooden surfaces used by Boffi for veneer are the result of a process of breaking down poplar, linden, and ayous logs that are defoliated, stained, and reconstituted into new logs with the aesthetic characteristics of rare woods like datuk ebony, teak, and indian rosewood. The impact that the use of the latter would have on the environment is thus avoided. The ALPI woods used come from sustainable forestry, certified by various important organisations (among which is the FSC®) and can be produced in a ZeroF version (zero formaldehyde added).




A new finish that, through the use of special pressure technology, permits imprinting surfaces, thus obtaining a personalised ‘texture’. Created using a black CDF [Compact Density Fibreboard] substrate veneered with ECOWOOD strips in decorative multi-layered wood on an AMX aluminium frame. The three-dimensional texture is finished with coats of water-based varnish, like all Boffi woods. Available in Striped Black and Planked Sand versions.

Cross Ecowood Xilo 2.0 striped black
Cross Ecowood Xilo 2.0 planked sand

Natural stones

Marble and Quarzite

Durability, solidity, and sustainability are the prime characteristics of natural stone, such as the marble and quartzite that Boffi painstakingly selects for kitchens and bathrooms. Apple blossom white Lasa marble is extracted from quarries in the Tyrolean Alps in the valley of the same name and is universally known as one of the most prized marbles in the world for its hardness and crystalline purity. Superwhite marble (extracted in Brazil) and Carnic Grey marble (extracted in the Carnic Alps) are characterised by the presence of mineral impurities (clay, loam, sand, iron oxides, nodules of flint) in the original sedimentary rock, forming grey and white strata that determine the particular angular, crystalline structure of Superwhite marble and the many grey to dark grey veins of Carnic Grey. Spider Black quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock from Brazil. Of a dark grey colour, it is characterised by thin veins and concentrations of light grey and cream hues. Inclusions of dark red contribute to the unique structure of Spider Black.


DeErosion Points copper
DeErosion Points brass
DeOdd hammered stainless steel

NEW! Bihara
NEW! Kanran

Black Cross
Black Points

Elegant grey
Deep grey
Milky mint
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