Piero Lissoni Designer
Freedom of composition

A kitchen programme characterised by monoblocks that can be combined together

"Combine is like a multifaceted game, with very simple elements, where areas of work and life are built in"

Linear, angular or zigzag.

A new kitchen programme able to blend the compact kitchen to the traditional kitchen island

Functional monoblocks in different sizes, worktops and extractable tables for fixed or extendible snack areas

Light and elegant design

A design that resembles a three dimensional abstract painting.

The worktop has a particular section that includes and perfectly integrates the different functions of cooking and washing thanks the exclusive Boffi design

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Four-sided finishing

Materials and accessories designed to support the cooking

A kitchen programme characterised by simple monoblocks that can be combined together to create compact islands with separate specific functions: cooking, washing and preparation.



The Combine kitchen is enriched with new solutions, maintaining its peculiar elements as single and well-identified design and function modules. The kitchen blocks for washing and cooking area and the block with preparation/working area are now connected by an open-faced metal structure equipped with small wooden drawers, housing a big snack table made of solid wood staves, thus conveying the integration of the dining area with the island working area. An equipped track for countertops, positioned in the back of cooking and washing areas, has been introduced. It is available in specific modules and can be equipped with accessories of Inside series: cutlery trays, knives holders, spice holders, oil bottle holder, electric sets with hidden sockets. Some sliding lids cover and protect all inserts and components inside the track. An up and down (down-draft) suction area is integrated and totally hidden in the back section of the cooking zone. A hanging utensil bar in matt black aluminium with LED bar light has been mounted and fixed on the countertop of the block with preparation/working area. Storage tall units, refrigerators and ovens integrated in tall cabinets complete the island composition. Fine finishes, as white Carrara marble, are proposed for the new technical worktops, available also in new matt black Durinox® finishing, which is a high performance scratch and fingerprint resistant stainless steel, and in solid oak for the snack table top. Due to this evolution, Combine becomes a complete, functional, elegant and at the same time exclusive kitchen system.



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