Hand-made: stones

The quarries. Where it all starts. For centuries man has hewn the marble from them, treasuring the stone for its qualities of permanence and endurance.
Boffi | De Padova chose Salvatori as a partner for design excellent solutions.
The raw material comes from all over the world and Salvatori has even been the very first to discover new types of stone in some of the most far-flung and inaccessible places imaginable.
Salvatori is a pioneer of natural stone working processes, thanks to a Tuscan workshop with state-of-the-art computerised technology that allows having always the best finishes.
Sustainability is an integral and common part of the values, culture, creativity, technology and entrepreneurship by Boffi | De Padova and Salvatori and cuts across all planning decisions. The use of the Lithoverde® Salvatori texture fits into this context: it is the world’s first recycled stone texture.
A product, which contributes to saving the environment by reusing natural stone offcuts that would otherwise be simply thrown away.
Salvatori and Boffi | De Padova have long shared a passion for excellence and quality, an engrained spirit of innovation and, above all, an innate understanding of what makes great design.
The result of the partnership between Boffi | De Padova and Salvatori is a collection, which perfectly fuses craftsmanship with technology.
An innovative work in transforming natural stone into unique, elegant textures and products.
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