Boffi Studio Arezzo and Benevento opening

Boffi Studio Arezzo
A large space, characterised by high ceilings and large windows overlooking the trees and the surrounding hills, is the second mono-brand store chosen by the Boffi Group in Tuscany.
Located near the historic centre in Arezzo on Via Anconetana, the shop was established in the 60s and has recently been subject to renovations, carried out to achieve a more contemporary look thanks to the use of concrete and resins. Its founder was Mr. Salci, father of the current manager Catia Salci, who conceived the space as a shop able to provide also design and production.
As in the other showrooms of the group, the Boffi, De Padova and MA/U Studio collections will be displayed in different rooms, showcasing the versatile and fully integrated connection of the three brands.

Boffi Studio Benevento
In the South!
The new address of the Boffi Group is at 36 of Via San Pasquale, one of the main arteries of Benevento that leads to the well-known Arch of Trajan, a stone's throw from the historic centre. The new Boffi, De Padova and MA/U Studio store takes over from the historic showroom of PM Pescatore Mobili, founded in 1920 and well known for proposing innovation and research, thanks to the harmonious combination of masters of the past and the new generations of design.
This change is highly focused on showcasing the Boffi, De Padova and MA/U Studio collections and offering a fully integrated furniture solution to the already consolidated patronage, as well as new clients.
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