De Padova Milan, a hidden treasure

Milan is notoriously a city full of hidden places to be found and visited.

The De Padova Milan flagship store is an intimate place in the heart of the city.

At the beginning of the 20th century its building was a lab of a pharmaceutical company. Today the show-room industrial plan is enriched by a sloped tunnel, which leads towards a bright atrium featuring a mini-mal glass wall suggesting the showroom elegant collections.

It is therefore natural to enter and discover the basement as in a real apartment. The visit continues through a set of stairs that lead up to the ground floor of the showroom with it loft-style look.

Skylight and large windows offer natural light that play with the different spaces, creating evocative at-mospheres.
This is the ideal setting for the collections of De Padova, Boffi and MA / U Studio, all characterised by high quality, elegant minimalism and the highest attention to detail.

The collections, each with its own distinct identity, allow infinite connections and the design of versatile and harmonious living spaces.

To discover the latest display and collections:
De Padova Milano
Via Santa Cecilia, 7
20122 Milano
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