K2.2 kitchen previews at Superloft

Superloft is a project curated by Giulio Cappellini and is a part of the Superdesign Show, a series of events taking place in the Superstudio Più during the Fuorisalone. Boffi is pleased to contribute by presenting for the first time the new K2.2 kitchen by Norbert Wangen.

The Superloft concept created by the Milanese architect Giulio Cappellini represents an imaginary, yet real home, cool and eclectic, cultured and elegant, thanks to the participation of the most interesting protagonists of the Made in Italy design. All the rooms of a hypothetical home in which a family can really live have been considered. A proper Superloft, an international home that could be placed in Paris, as well as in New York in Berlin or Shanghai.

“Today more than ever people want to live in a home that reflects their tradition, culture, identity. I tried to create a wide-ranging space that is not just a status to show off, but something that describes the pleasure of living in cosy spaces, surrounded by beautiful objects, some discreet some more conspicuous, able to become essential presences in our existence” said Giulio Cappellini.

For the kitchen it will be possible to see the new K2.2 designed by Norbert Wangen, part of a collection launched during the 2018 Milan Design Week. The Norbert Wangen’s kitchen cube design revolutionises the concept of the compact kitchen. A design in three sizes, the kitchens bring dining, from creation to completion, back into one social space; an elegant and logical response to the demand for more open plan environments serving as “living” spaces with many functions.

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