Piero Lissoni Designer


Upper’s DNA composition consists of offering a variety of solutions to transform a wall into a system of integrated containers and shelves.


Bathroom system

Completely equipped with cabinets, compartments, shelves, washbasins, mirrors in the collection, it integrates great freedom of expression, as well as choice.



This collection features cabinets, open-faced compartments, shelves and mirrors. The Upper modular system brings a variety of composition and materials into the bathroom. It integrates three groups of elements: Upper Units, wall hung washbasin or storage base units; Upper Boiserie, wall panelling system composed of shelves and back panels installed on aluminium bearing structure; Upper, modular system of open-faced storage units to be installed on the wall or on a top. The Upper Units wall hung base units, without handles, are characterised by 45° bevelled front and finished panels, as is the top, whose thickness is hidden by the triple joint at 45° of the door, side panel and encounter top bevelled edges. The opening of the doors (only pull-out version) is allowed thanks to the lower grip of front. The Upper Units include an open-faced version with storage drawer in finish. Design Piero Lissoni + CRS Boffi.



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