Boffi is about the ongoing research and study of cutting-edge materials, shapes and functionalities. It is a path that also includes synergistic collaborations with excellent partners for the creation of aesthetic and rationally innovative interior systems; from finishes to tapware and appliances.

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"Paint runs through our veins": this motto has always accompanied ADLER, Austria's leading manufacturer of varnishes, paints and wood preservatives. There is a lot of green colour running through our veins, because environmental protection has always been a top priority for us. Since 2018, ADLER has been one of the first companies in its sector with 100% climate-neutral production.

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A living, certified, eco-sustainable material, ALPI uses poplar, lime wood or ayous, stripped and recomposed thanks to a particular process that slices the wood and dyes it by immersion, then recomposes the dyed sheets to create a new log. Thus, creating infinite range of types, finishes and patterns, to respond to all design needs.

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One of the world's leading manufacturers of sinks, taps and stainless steel worktops and high quality materials. Blanco produces exclusively for Boffi worktops and sinks in Durinox®. This is the latest innovation in stainless steel, with a special velvety-matt surface finish , very resistant to scratches and less impervious to fingerprints.

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Boffi and Fantini are two respected names in the world of Italian design. In 2011, they decided to unite their vision and bring together their experience, know-how and design savvy to create the Boffi Fantini ABOUTWATER brand that researches and creates new collections of taps and fittings characterised by refinement and modernity, quality design and the careful selection and production of materials and finishes.

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Corian® Solid Surface

Flexibility, solidity, performance, colour, shape. No limits for an out of the ordinary, totally customised project. Corian® Solid Surface is synonymous with surfaces characterised by sensorial qualities, making it more than a just a material. For Round Fisher bathtub by Piero Lissoni, Boffi uses Corian® Solid Surface in the Stratus colour, made with Resilience Technology™, a new patent pending manufacturing process, developed by the Corian® Design business of DuPont company.

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De Castelli

Thanks to a shared innovative vision, Boffi|DePadova has selected De Castelli as a partner to create new decorative solutions, bringing steel, brass and copper back to the centre of a completely revitalised setting that gives shape to new lines and hues. For Boffi|DePadova Piero Lissoni interprets DeErosion, the distinctive finish developed by De Castelli thanks to a special controlled erosion technique that creates natural-looking textures inspired by the effects of the passage of time.

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