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Sub-Zero Wolf

Since 1945, Sub-Zero has inspired the science of home refrigeration, developing products that keep food fresher and longer. Over the years, the US company has also contributed to revolutionizing kitchen design, with integrated, built-in and professional-looking refrigeration systems that allow unlimited configurations and aesthetic options. Wolf, on the other hand, boasts an even longer heritage, with over 80 years of experience originally acquired in the commercial kitchen business. Together, the two brands contribute creating high-performance dream kitchens. Sub-Zero and Wolf, the cold and heat specialists.

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Gaggenau, the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances is acknowledged as an innovation leader in design and technology “Made in Germany”. The company, with a history dating back to 1683, has revolutionised the domestic kitchen with its success founded on technological innovation and a clear design language combined with high functionality. Driven and inspired by standards in professional kitchens Gaggenau stands for professional cooking in the private home with products coveted for their precision, craftsmanship, beauty and durability. The brand offers the full range of kitchen appliances to meet the demands of the most discerning private chef, including ovens, cooktops, extractors, refrigeration and dishwashing. The difference is Gaggenau.

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A company immersed in an artistic context, that boasts a long experience in stainless steel processing. In the elegant historic setting of Palazzo Terranova, art blends with know-how, giving life to design products that stand out for their elegance and technique. Foster offers tailor-made solutions such as stainless-steel worktops and a wide range of products that interact with each other in shapes and lines in order to obtain increasingly integrated and exclusive appliances. The search for innovative solutions led Foster to be the first to color stainless steel in the world of washing and cooking, thanks to the precious PVD finish obtained through a physical process, which gives the steel surface special aesthetic characteristics and at the same time a resistance superior to that of any other treatment.

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Domenico Mori

Craftsmanship is an invaluable skill for a company that knows how to preserve its artisan origins. For our exclusive interiors projects we have partnered with Domenico Mori and use their surfaces in terracotta, clay, cement, stone and wood to create and form design ideas through different materials, colours and patterns. The final result is always unique thanks to the craftsmanship. Just the way we like it.

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De Castelli

Technology, craftsmanship and experimentation come together to demonstrate, oxidation after oxidation, the potential of metal in its many variations. Thanks to a shared innovative vision, Boffi | DePadova has selected De Castelli as a partner to create new decorative solutions, bringing steel, brass and copper back to the centre of a completely revitalised setting that gives shape to new lines and hues. For Boffi|DePadova Piero Lissoni interprets DeErosion, the distinctive finish developed by De Castelli thanks to a special controlled erosion technique that creates natural-looking textures inspired by the effects of the passage of time. A subsequent manual intervention heightens the three-dimensional effect to enhance the material’s expressiveness, extreme versatility and uniqueness.

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The substance of wood, in all its varieties: ALPI ensures its maximum qualities of expression. A living, certified, eco-sustainable material, ALPI uses poplar, lime wood or ayous, stripped and recomposed thanks to a particular process that slices the wood and dyes it by immersion, then recomposes the dyed sheets to create a new log. Thus, creating infinite range of types, finishes and patterns, to respond to all design needs. A unique variety of offerings, with outstanding qualitative characteristics, free of the flaws typical of traditional wood, with unlimited catalogue and bespoke solutions that always provide uniform and constant colors and sizes, replicated over time for multiple applications, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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