Wall modular units, characterised by peculiar decorating module combinations, where the shelves are partially hidden by the oblique front side. The single modules are available in two heights (1680 mm with six shelves and 1260 mm with five shelves) and in different depths and widths, so that it is always possible to create personalised and varied wall compositions with an irregular profile, depending on the chosen position of the units on the wall. The designer Victor Vasilev declares: "The project name CTline clearly tells the story of the idea. The profiles of the buildings in big cities have been my source of inspiration. The breakdown of the volumes of the buildings has created a series of staggered floors which may contain several objects, creating a fascinating urban setting. The modular units can be positioned to suit the specific environment and clients’ needs. The open side allows you to see the books collection, beyond the limits of narrow frontal view.” The units are reversible, which means that can be installed with open-faced compartment on left or right side, and fit into any domestic space, including the bathroom, for which a version with a mirror front in two sizes was designed. They are available in two materials: white solid surface (very resistant and velvet-like effect material, composed by natural minerals, acrylic polymers and pigments) or black PaperStone® (matt and highly resistant, 100% eco-friendly material, made from recycled paper, natural phenolic resins and pigments). CTline won the Good Design Award 2012 and a special mention for the German Design Award 2014, Home Interior category. Design Victor Vasilev.



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