Norbert Wangen Designer
To adapt, therefore to change.

Design details conceil new lifestyle possibilities.

The kitchen takes center stage and around it the family conviviality starts. The social aspect of the living.

Bevelled worktop and doors

The oblique perimeter cut is an aesthetic and functional detail

The 30 ° bevelled edge makes the worktop suspended and allows the opening of both doors and units without handles, mantaing its monolithic vision.

Details of the cut

As a tailor-made cut on the bias

In any material, from wood, marble or Corian®, the sign is light and rigorous and emphasises the true perfection of craftsmanship.



The K14 kitchen model originates from the innovative concept of the designer Norbert Wangen who, in the K series designed for Boffi, has transformed the concept of compact kitchen. In the K14 handleless modular base and wall units the fronts are opened through the 30° beveled edge at the top of the door (base units) or at the bottom of it (wall units). The worktop is beveled in the same way, making the kitchen design light and slender. The result is a product that is sophisticated and rigorous and enhances the aesthetics of the chosen material, from wood to steel, from marble to Corian®.



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