Product Designer | Gianluigi Landoni

Designer Gianluigi Landoni

Gianluigi Landoni took his degree at the Politecnico of Milan.

During many work experiences in architecture and industrial design studios, in 1983 took part in the foundation of the high tech trend group Amalgama.

From 1988 to 1990 he worked as project manager at the Rodolfo Bonetto Studio.

From 1991 he became partner of Progetica Design Studio where he carried out activities of research and development for the industrial design.

From 1994 Landoni works on his own as consultant for design oriented companies of various production sectors; in the late years he has matured an important professional experience as design and project manager of an italian company which is market leader on an international scale.

He’s a member of the ADI Design Permanent Observatory.

Curiosity and desire of studying in depth his own creative researches brought him to work in different production areas, collaborating with different companies.

In 2002 he designed the Boffi accessories line called Blade, in steel inox.