Product Designer | Martin Schmitz

Designer Martin Schmitz

Born in 1980 in Cologne he works as a freelance industrial designer in the areas of booth and exhibition as well as product and shop design.

He is member of the ATELIER FÜR SZENOGRAFIE and co-founder of hellauf GbR and the NON SQUARE PIGS network.

His main customers are Hermés, AUDI AG, Wempe, Baudek & Schierhorn, Stevens Bikes, PAPERLUX, Klein & More, Klein Robotics, Viva con Agua, Computerspiele Museum, GOLFCRAFT, KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme, ROLF BENZ, INDEX, Labs Design, Stilwerk Hamburg.

In his works, it’s ll about the interaction with the viewer. This is reflected in his spatial projects and his product-designs. In 2014 he designs Outliner lamp for Boffi.

Designed by Martin Schmitz