Product Designer | Monica Armani

Designer Monica Armani

Architect, daughter of art, from a very young age lives a continuous experience: synthesis between project, observation and research.

Born in a place that is the protagonist of the Italian rationalist movement, in the family study it is formed at a school where the equation of detail is the first reference: form, function and technologies are refined until the best possible balance is reached.

Industrial design becomes a natural continuation of this experience. In 1996 Monica Armani gives life to a brilliant self-production experience: “progetto1”, which in 2005 was edited by B&B Italia.

Heritage, visions, rigor and technological research give life to a unique style. Studio Monica Armani deals with architecture and interior design, industrial design and Timely Architecture projects.

A design path that generates a sort of concentric rings that cross and interpenetrate in a continuous crossover of contamination. A style that is always recognizable.

Monica Armani signs collections of objects and accessories for Italian, European and American companies.

In architecture he invents a place like Excelsior in Milan and exclusive residences.

Observing the great change in progress creates a movement for a new approach to the project: Timely Architecture, building light with a programmed time; The flag of this approach is the pavilion for the Corriere della Sera at Expo Milano 2015.

Designed by Monica Armani