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Boffi|DePadova Georgetown is situated in a historic building with brick walls, soaring ceilings, large windows and oversized skylights – the ideal location for the clean, modern lines of Boffi’s kitchens, baths and wardrobe systems.

Boffi Georgetown’s in-house team, including internationally-trained architect and showroom manager Julia Walter, provides finished projects that are finely attuned to their owners’ desired contexts, whether to suit a futuristic glass-enclosed high rise or a rustic 1900s stone barn house.

The Boffi team is involved in the design process from beginning to end, providing the highest quality service to clients and dedication to delivering an exceptional kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe system.

The Boffi|DePadova living spaces find their place in the design cities all over the world and share the same refined architecture, mirroring elegant, middle-class apartments.

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The interior systems from Boffi, the architectural partitions from ADL, the furniture elements from De Padova, with its exclusive partnerships like Paul Smith + De Padova and Time & Style ēdition, that only a versatile language such as De Padova’s can establish, are all part of a narration enclosed in a 360° proposal.

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  • Project

    We can draw up a draft of your project using fairly accurate plans that either you or your architect can provide. If required, we can come to your site to take measurements. We will then work with you or your architect to draw up a detailed list of specifications that will cover all aspects of your project, including technical requirements, aesthetic concerns, financial considerations and scheduling needs.

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  • Design

    We use the latest software and IT equipment to ensure quick and accurate designs. Our services, if requested, may include consultation and technical assistance to companies that you may hire to work on our kitchen and bathroom models.

  • Installation

    Our team of installers will work on a schedule that will be drawn up with you. There is a 3-year guarantee on Boffi cabinetry. For electrical appliances, all after-sales service and guarantee will be covered by the manufacturer. Maintenance and after-sales service of Boffi cabinetry under guarantee will be performed free of charge.

Boffi|DePadova Georgetown Store in Georgetown

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3320 M Street NW
20007, Georgetown, USA

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