Boffi Soho hosts the minimalist fitness centre from Technogym

Starting from the shared vision of offering people innovative and personalized home experience, Technogym – a global leader in wellness and fitness – has created a temporary showcase space within the Boffi Soho showroom, New York.
Now more than ever that which surrounds us must be a faithful representation of our way of life without encroaching on spaces and disturbing proportions.


It’s an insight into how one experiences the home, offering innovations and ideas as well as new and original shapes. Boffi|DePadova and Technogym are two design-oriented realities that mix form and function to find common ground in a blended lifestyle where systems and architectural solutions meet the minimalism of the home gym.

Beginning in April 2021, Boffi Soho will feature Bike Personal, Kinesis Personal and the Wellness Rack Technogym, fitness equipment that enhance the décor and find their rightful place between forms and timeless furniture.