The proposals from Boffi for Hajj Designless at Mexico City


Hajj Designless is the exclusive dealer for Boffi in Mexico City, named World Design Capital in 2018. One of the most vibrant scenes on the international architecture circuit and ever-changing urban backdrop strengthening Boffi US network.
The Park Plaza showroom allows one to lose themselves in the perfect fusion of contemporary pieces and greenery that invites visitors to unwind.


Boffi presents its proposal across 130 square metres, bringing together the geometries of Combine, the functionality of APR60 and the Antibes System, and the compactness of K6. In addition to the shapes, signature Boffi looks are present via the materials, the result of extensive research that captures the attention of a discerning clientele.

There is marble, composite MDi by Inalco, stainless steel as well as sustainable and versatile woods such as Abonos Oak and Canaletto Walnut from the US.
These strong material elements signify Made in Italy in the interior proposals from Boffi.